Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back in the land of the living.

Everyone is finally starting to feel better in our house!!! I am so thankful for that! Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. Aidan doesn't have his appetite completely back, but he is starting to be his ornery and mischievous self again. I cannot begin to express how happy it makes me to hear him laughing and playing again. :) David kind of overdid things today when we were playing. He rode his bike on the little walk we went on this morning with our friends around our neighborhood. He crashed pretty badly once (he hit a pothole at the bottom of a hill--I had been warning him to slow down, but he wasn't paying any attention), but he stood up, shook it off (after crying for less than 1 minute) and got back on his bike. He's a trooper, that one is. :) After he practices riding his bike again with the training wheels on, I think we're going to try and have him learn how to ride the bike without them. Maybe he'll get it before he starts kindergarten?

Saturday, March 17, 2007


He looks so little lying on the hospital bed...

Sleeping with his Larry the Cucumber doll while covered in the quilt his Grandma Kris made.

Aidan and I got back from the emergency room at Montgomery Regional Hospital between 2:30 and 3:00 this morning. Aidan has had the flu since probably late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. Rob took him to the Carilion Family Medicine after-hours clinic this evening and was told that if the little man didn’t drink 1.5-2 oz. of PediaLite every 10-15 minutes over the course of the evening, we were going to have to take him to the hospital so he could get an IV to rehydrate him. Well…the little stinker didn’t want to drink anything (he might have drank 1.5-2 oz. over the course of 2.5 hours…), so I was the one elected to take him to the ER. He did amazing and was told by his nurses that he got the best patient award for the evening. He didn’t cry at all when they took his blood or when they set the IV. Actually, he only cried when he would wake up and not remember where exactly he was, so I would hug him and cuddle back with him on his bed until he would fall back asleep. He liked having one of my ear buds for my iPod in one of his ears while he was drifting off to sleep so he could relax to some of his favorite, familiar tunes.

Me, on the other hand, didn't do as well as my brave little man. I almost passed out twice. :( I really don’t do well with needles, and found out this evening that it is even worse for me when I see one of my kids having had it done (I didn’t watch—otherwise I would have been lying in a bed myself!). Leave it to the mom to be more trouble than the patient. :)

While we were having tests done, the doctor decided that he wanted to do a strep test as well. Come to find out, Aidan not only has the flu, but he has strep throat on top of it. And, with him not wanting to drink many fluids, he had become a bit dehydrated. Yes, that would be the 2nd time this winter that he has had strep--he had it once in December…and it makes a grand total of 7 strep cases (possibly 8, Rob goes into the doctor for himself tomorrow…) in our family since mid-November.

He seems to be doing a bit better this morning. More energy. Expresses his opinion about what he wants to wear or watch on TV. Actually sits up on the couch instead of lying there like my little rag doll. The antibiotics should kick in by tomorrow, so we should be seeing more improvement then.

I am so proud of him and how well he did last night. I was so scared to take him in. Not sure what to expect...I prayed the entire drive to the hospital that everything would go smoothly. I prayed for God's hand to be upon not only Aidan, but also upon myself. I asked Him for courage and strength and for Him to take my anxiety away from me. God is faithful. Granted, it was still a bit scary seeing my baby lying there hooked up to an IV, but I was so thankful that we were in a place that would help him start to feel better. So thankful that we had a doctor and nursing staff who were taking care of him (and me too). Now, I'm going to be continuing to pray for His healing hand to be upon our house. Please be praying for us all as well.