Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Isn't she adorable? My friend, Natascha, brought her over today for a photoshoot. It's my first shoot with a child other than my two ornery ones. Thankfully, she's such a cute little model, it's hard to not to get great photographs of her. I have to be honest though, the prospect of my first photoshoot scared me. I was a little worried about posing and whatnot, but it ended up working out alright given the constraints of space and trying to keep with her attention span. I had a blast and really love how her pictures turned out.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Here they are!

My painted toes for my U R2 Crea8ive class that I am taking through Big Picture Scrapbooking. I am typically a red or burgandy kind of gal on my toes. Occasionally I'll be daring and use some pinky-red nail polish, or will be more subtle with a pale pink or a nude-color. Not this time. When I went to the CVS store last night, I looked for colors that jumped out at me that I wouldn't typically use (but would make me smile) and decided on these two. Bought some 3D Nail and Toe art stickers as well (those are the flowers you see on my toes). The flowers with the rhinestone centers are fun. They make me smile. Plus, the toes like to be dressed up with a little bling on occasion too. :)

I AM Creative!

I just started an online creativity workshop through Big Picture Scrapbooking called UR 2 Cre8ive taught by Stacy Julian. It is SO flippin' cool! I still need to design the cover for my Creativity Fun Book that I will be using throughout the class, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the little creativity boosting activities that are e-mailed to me each day. Today I even gave myself a fun little foot makeover. :-) Painted my toenails colors I don't typically use. After I put my little stickers on, I'll take a picture to post. Looking at my toes definitely makes me smile. David and Aidan decided that they wanted me to paint their toenails too (had to ask Rob for his permission first, and he granted it). So, I have this really fun pearlescent purple color on my toes (Wet 'n Wild: Soul Mate) and a fun hot pink (Wet 'n Wild: Lavender Creme...not sure why they call it Lavender Creme since it is most definitely PINK!!!). :-)

Yesterday, I made 2 signs for bathroom mirrors that said, "I am creative." I got out my foam stamps, paints and rub-ons from Making Memories and even got the chance to break out my new heat embossing tool that I received for Christmas. Yeah...I think I'm in love with that thing--it's a little bit addicting. Who knew that embossing would be so fun?

I am so looking forward to what the next few weeks are going to bring as far as that class goes. Lots of inspiration. Getting those creative juices flowing. It's pretty cool.

Just maybe--

my expectations for people are too high (especially for those close to me...those that I love). I expect people to behave and act in a certain way. A few nights ago, I was sharing with Rob my feelings about this aspect of me and asked what he thought. My husband is such a gem. He told me he actually liked that aspect of me, but at the same time felt a little badly that because of my "high" expectations, I can get left feeling disappointed. Which, in the case of the person I referred to in my last entry, this is definitely the case.

I love this person so much; however, right now I really feel like I don't know him or her (and maybe that I never truly have in my almost 27-years of existence). I know that this person loves me, and right now, I guess that I should just cling to that. Love them back. Continually be praying for them. Also be praying for God's wisdom--yes, definitely for His wisdom.

Monday, January 16, 2006


There have been some things going on within my extended family unit that have made me want to dig deeper and truly know what the meaning of integrity is. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines integrity to be: 1. firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility 2. an unimpaired condition: soundness 3. the quality or state of being complete or undivided. I decided to then look up what the word, "incorruptibility" meant (since I was looking at the first dictionary definition of integrity to describe something that I have been noticing within a certain family member of mine). According to Merriam-Webster, it means: incapable of corruption: as a : not subject to decay or dissolution b : incapable of being bribed or morally corrupted. Hmmm...this is definitely food for thought.

Well, I still want to dig deeper to define really the issue at hand. So, I looked up integrity on the Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus. Here is what I have found:
Entry Word: integrity
Function: noun
Text: 1 conduct that conforms to an accepted standard of right and wrong -- see MORALITY 12 devotion to telling the truth -- see HONESTY 13 faithfulness to high moral standards -- see HONOR

OK. So to paint the picture in a little more detail, there is a certain person in my life whom I have viewed as more of a rock. Due to this person's new situation and the way he or she is choosing to live his/her life, integrity is being lost. This person isn't doing what he or she feels is right because it would make things uncomfortable for another person. In essence, this former rock-like figure in my life is showing themself to be spineless and honestly, I hate seeing this person's character seemingly diminish. It's not healthy. This person isn't living life the way his/her heavenly Father would want them to. This person is letting someone else call the shots (like, um, nearly 100% of the time, it seems). I feel as if I don't even know them anymore. It's really weird. Maybe I can describe everything fully later, but right now, I'm not at liberty to do so. I just needed to vent a bit and try to process some of the sea of thoughts and emotions that have been swirling around in my head and heart.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When it rains, it pours! maybe it hasn't been pouring that much since we've arrived in Oregon; however, it has definitely been raining every day since we've arrived. The entire five years we lived here, we never experienced a true Eugene winter with rain falling nearly constantly. Then, after we move away, it comes. Can't say that I really am shedding too many tears over that though. :)

Our trip out here has been incredible so far. I have really enjoyed reconnecting with cherished friends, and have even had a very positive and pleasant experience meeting my step-mother and step-siblings. David adores his "friend, Uncle Kyle" and loves Aunt Kyra too (although she was a little shy around us).

Still, more people to see, more things to cram into our short time here. I know that I'm going to go back to Blacksburg a little heavy hearted, but I know that God has us there for a reason, and need to just feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have this visit with people we love.