Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just maybe--

my expectations for people are too high (especially for those close to me...those that I love). I expect people to behave and act in a certain way. A few nights ago, I was sharing with Rob my feelings about this aspect of me and asked what he thought. My husband is such a gem. He told me he actually liked that aspect of me, but at the same time felt a little badly that because of my "high" expectations, I can get left feeling disappointed. Which, in the case of the person I referred to in my last entry, this is definitely the case.

I love this person so much; however, right now I really feel like I don't know him or her (and maybe that I never truly have in my almost 27-years of existence). I know that this person loves me, and right now, I guess that I should just cling to that. Love them back. Continually be praying for them. Also be praying for God's wisdom--yes, definitely for His wisdom.

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