Monday, March 10, 2008

Aidan Grammar.

Aidan often gets his pronouns mixed up. Him's instead of his, him's instead of hers (he has gotten better with that one), her instead of she, you instead of I, etc. We always gently correct, try to get him to say it correctly at least once (sometimes more than that if he immediately lapses back).'s an example from this morning.

Aidan says, "Daddy, Tessa and her mommy are home!"

Rob says, "Where's Elliot?"

"Him's at school." Aidan replied

Rob and I both say, "HE is at school."

"He is at school." Aidan replies.

Rob says: "Where's Gabby?"

"Her's at school" was Aidan's reply.

"SHE is at school." we say.

"He is at school." Aidan said.

"No, SHE is at school." Rob said and then went on to say, "Boys are he's and girls are she's."

"WHY?" Aidan asks.

"Good question buddy--but it's just the way our language works."

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Out of the mouths of kids...

Yesterday, right after Rob left to take Aidan to the after-hours clinic (he came down with strep throat yesterday), David curls up next to me in our living room chair and says:

"Mom, I like hanging out here, just you and me. It sure beats being cooped up all day with a bunch of kids!"

He was talking about himself being cooped up with a bunch of kids at school--not me! :) I smiled at him (bit my lip to hold back peals of laughter) and snuggled him close and let him know that I enjoyed hanging out at home with him too. I love that kid!