Monday, January 05, 2009

Weekend Hike.

What better thing is there to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon in January than take a family hike up to a local waterfall. The boys asked if their buddy, Elliot, could come along too, so our party consisted of 2 adults, 2 6-year-old boys, 1 4-year-old boy and our puppy girl. The boys did pretty well on the hike--the way up was a bit more difficult (we almost thought that we might not make it all the way up when we hit the 1 mile marker); however, once we were closer to the water, the boys were reenergized for the rest of the journey. Granted, once we were closer to the water, Rob's blood pressure increased by about 20 points...Imagine, 3 boys and 1 dog constantly trying to get into the water, wanting to walk on the thin ice to grab other ice chunks to throw to Sydney, throwing rocks and nearly stepping in the water in the process...

Saturday truly was a beautiful day for hiking and I'm glad that we ventured out to enjoy God's beautiful creation. Plus, it was about the only chance we've had in awhile to see any sort of snow or ice. :)