Saturday, January 21, 2006

Here they are!

My painted toes for my U R2 Crea8ive class that I am taking through Big Picture Scrapbooking. I am typically a red or burgandy kind of gal on my toes. Occasionally I'll be daring and use some pinky-red nail polish, or will be more subtle with a pale pink or a nude-color. Not this time. When I went to the CVS store last night, I looked for colors that jumped out at me that I wouldn't typically use (but would make me smile) and decided on these two. Bought some 3D Nail and Toe art stickers as well (those are the flowers you see on my toes). The flowers with the rhinestone centers are fun. They make me smile. Plus, the toes like to be dressed up with a little bling on occasion too. :)

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becky said...

Nice job! I love your toe art! Every time i see the little blue rhinestones on my big toes, I smile. They really catch the light and sparkle! Here's to CREATIVITY! I loved what she said about the title of the class. In my mind I was definitely thinking "you are TO creative" not "you are TOO creative!" Big difference!