Saturday, January 21, 2006

I AM Creative!

I just started an online creativity workshop through Big Picture Scrapbooking called UR 2 Cre8ive taught by Stacy Julian. It is SO flippin' cool! I still need to design the cover for my Creativity Fun Book that I will be using throughout the class, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the little creativity boosting activities that are e-mailed to me each day. Today I even gave myself a fun little foot makeover. :-) Painted my toenails colors I don't typically use. After I put my little stickers on, I'll take a picture to post. Looking at my toes definitely makes me smile. David and Aidan decided that they wanted me to paint their toenails too (had to ask Rob for his permission first, and he granted it). So, I have this really fun pearlescent purple color on my toes (Wet 'n Wild: Soul Mate) and a fun hot pink (Wet 'n Wild: Lavender Creme...not sure why they call it Lavender Creme since it is most definitely PINK!!!). :-)

Yesterday, I made 2 signs for bathroom mirrors that said, "I am creative." I got out my foam stamps, paints and rub-ons from Making Memories and even got the chance to break out my new heat embossing tool that I received for Christmas. Yeah...I think I'm in love with that thing--it's a little bit addicting. Who knew that embossing would be so fun?

I am so looking forward to what the next few weeks are going to bring as far as that class goes. Lots of inspiration. Getting those creative juices flowing. It's pretty cool.

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