Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A New Beginning...

My first post. My jump into the Blogging world. :) An exciting adventure. A place where I can record my thoughts. A place where I can just say what is going on in the world I live in (the one with my 3 guys and my puppy-girl, Sydney).

About my picture--I took this one of Rob, David and Aidan playing by the water at Multnomah Falls (just east of Troutdale, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge) on our way home from Coulee City, Washington earlier this month. It quickly became my favorite. My guys. 1 man, 2 little men. Him, him and him. Playing together. Exploring together. Being together. Experiencing what life has in store with each other. I was so glad to be present to witness them being together. They bring so much joy into my life, those 3 do.

We're supposed to be packing stuff tonight in preparation for our big move to doesn't look like we may get much done tonight (due to the boys trying to break the CD drive on the computer and us frantically trying to figure out how to fix it--we did get it fixed though). Maybe tomorrow.

My vanilla bean ice cream is calling out to me, as is my dear husband. Good night.

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Sharon said...

Cool photo. I like it too.