Wednesday, May 17, 2006


That word totally describes how we have been lately. The best thing about it is though that it's not a bad thing.

This morning I had BSF. I'm sad that this was our last actual lesson was today--I was just getting to know some of my group members! Today, I even found out that one of the ladies grew up in almost the same part of Washington state that I did. What a small world!!! David loves BSF too. He has been talking about his teachers all week--it's fun to see him so excited. Plus, he starts spouting out random things through the week that, after I dig a little bit, I find out that he learned that in his BSF class. He tells me that the quiet time (they sit quietly and think about the story and about God--that's what David tells me) is his favorite part of his BSF class. I'd love to know what he actually thinks about during these times. Actually, I'd love to get into his mind any time through the day. You can tell that it's always going...he's always thinking about something.

Aidan's personality is definitely blossoming these days. He's very particular about certain things, and if it's not quite right, he lets us know. He's also becoming quite the clown! Plus, he and David are becoming buds. Now that is awesome. I love watching the two of them together. Playing. Snuggling. Wrestling. Sharing. It's so cool.

Well, it's time to start getting Aidan ready for bed so I can get some stuff done while Rob and David are in Christiansburg. David is at AWANA and Rob is running errands. Better make the most of the time I have. More to come later.

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