Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Green Monster of Envy.

Yes, that infamous monster seems to rise up in Aidan on a semi-regular basis. When David climbs up to cuddle with me in the chair, Aidan gets this look in his eyes and tries to be the first one there to at least claim what he sees to be the prime location (it is worse today since David was home from school sick...again...and Aidan is used to having me all to himself during the day). But it even rose to an uglier head early this evening when David got his new Batman Leapster game with the Wal*Mart gift card he was given for his birthday.

Aidan was content listening to The Best of We Sing with the headphones until I grabbed the Leapster off the floor of the car to put the new game in it for David to play on the way home. Then, when he saw that I was giving the Leapster to David, he ripped off the headphones and threw them on the floor because HE wanted to play with the Leapster then and didn't want David to. Then you could see him jealously eyeing his brother and the Leapster from his seat in the car. I was quietly whispering to Rob that David was helping me to decide what Nana was going to get Aidan for his birthday (he had to help me decide on the color), so Rob asks Aidan:

"Aidan, what's your favorite color?"

"Batman" was Aidan's reply.

"Batman?" Rob and I reply (meanwhile trying to hold back our laughter).

"No, really buddy, what's your favorite color?" Rob says.

"I not telling you" Aidan says through clenched teeth, his bad attitude more than shining through his tone of voice.

Yeah...that's one ugly monster that we are hoping and praying will go away.

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