Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Scarf Askew...

er...I mean Dustin's scarf. ;-) I finally finished knitting my first scarf that is for Dustin's Christmas present. When he was here visiting a little over a month ago, he went to my local yarn shop with me to pick out the yarn he would like and even picked out what pattern he would like his scarf to be.

He chose a beautiful alpaca wool yarn that really knit together nicely (and camoflaged any mistakes that this newbie knitter made--which I only made one that I know of). The top photo shows off the color the best--the deep green with flecks of light green, yellow and black running throughout. I was a little bit concerned about whether the finished scarf would be too scratchy to wear; however, after I soaked it in the wool wash and blocked it, it really softened up!

I found this pattern on Ravelry when I was looking through my friend molliebug's finished projects. I really love the diaganol stripe pattern made by the strategically placed purl stitch. Granted, I found out that I really have a difficult time focusing on counting to 5 when I was supposed to P1K5 or K1P5. I cannot tell you how many times I ended up having to pull out rows because I miscounted somewhere along the way (usually during the first pattern or two and I didn't catch it until the very end!). Although, I suppose that I can blame some of my lack of focus on knitting when I really should have been in bed asleep! :)
Now, I just need to learn how to knit hats so I can make him a hat to match!

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Dana said...

It turned out wonderfully! I'm certain he'll enjoy it. But yes, hat = new project! :)