Monday, April 12, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

post game fireworks - the show was amazing

The Mariners fans of the bunch (Aidan is pouting because the Mariners were losing)

One happy Texas Rangers fan before the game

We Texans like our star. :)

Our view of the field - right after warm-ups.

We were able to take a trip up to Waco and Dallas late last week and were SO excited to find out that the Seattle Mariners were in town playing the Texas Rangers at the Rangers Ballpark at Arlington. The trash talking that happened between the male members of our household before the game was very enjoyable! Three-fourths of us are Mariners fans (although I must admit that Aidan hasn't really chosen his team yet--he's more of a Mariners fan by persuasion of his parents), while the other one is a Rangers fan (his Daddy hasn't gotten him to drink the Kool-Aid yet--lol!).

The game was so much fun. A 9-year-old boy and his family sat right in front of us, and David and Aidan enjoyed getting to talk to him about the game, the players and David and Jack played the Topps Attack card game with each other too. We enjoyed getting to meet Jack and his family during the game as well. David was happy to have a bunch of Rangers fans to do victory dances with whenever they scored runs (while we Mariners fans would just wonder when our team was going to start playing ball). The Rangers ended up being the victors; however, we all had a great time together watching baseball and getting to experience the wonders and excitement of seeing a game live.

After the game, we stayed to watch the fireworks show. We were supposed to have seen one last July when we were up in Arlington for a Mariners/Rangers game; however, the game was rained out and the fireworks canceled. This was not the case this time though. The weather was perfect for the game and for the fireworks afterward, and the show did not disappoint! We had a great time together watching baseball deep in the heart of Texas.

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