Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celebrating 7.

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Today we celebrated a very special 7-year-old.  For the mama, it is amazing to think that this baby boy can already be as old as he is (can 7 years have really passed since he entered the world?).  Aidan has enriched all of our lives and we cannot imagine life without him.

Here are a few things that capture Aidan right now:

  • He is full of joy.
  • His laughter is contagious.
  • He is mischievous.
  • He is very animated in expression and with hand motions.
  • He is extremely competitive.
  • He likes things to be fair and equal and quickly points out any injustice (that he perceives).
  • “Someday, when I am a dad…” is a phrase he says regularly.
  • Every morning and afternoon require “cuddle time.”
  • For every kiss I give him, he gives me 2 or 3 in return.
  • He adores his big brother.
  • He is a Texas Rangers fan (unless his cousin Kaitlyn is around, then he will cheer for the Mariners). ;-)
  • Blue is still your favorite color.
  • “Uncle” James turned him into an Auburn Tigers fan this past January.
  • He is a full head shorter than his brother, but makes up for that with effort and heart.
  • His reading fluency and speed has exploded over the last couple of months.
  • “For real?” is something he says often.
  • He’s a little LEGO builder.
  • He wants to be a pilot for the United States Air Force when he grows up (and wants to fly the A-10 after seeing it in action at the air show last month).

Most of all, he is loved so very much by his family.  Happy 7th birthday buddy!  May you grow in God’s grace, wisdom and knowledge this upcoming year. 

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