Friday, May 13, 2011


Yesterday my great grandmother passed away.  I found out the sad news on Facebook (a good thing, not a bad thing).   We found out a couple of months ago that the doctors were giving her 3-6 more months to be with us here on Earth (I remember the timing of this news since it was right around my birthday).  Her breast cancer cells had gotten into her muscle tissue and were spreading (she was diagnosed last year at the age of 93).

IMG_6440Aidan with his Great Great Grandma Pearl Major – March 2009

My brother and I, upon hearing the news, flew to Seattle and drove across the state to visit her the first weekend in April.  I’m so very glad that we did.  We wanted our last memories of her to be positive ones.  We wanted to let her know that we loved her, and that although many miles separate us, we wanted her to know that we valued her. 

We had a great visit. It was fun showing up on her doorstep (she was very surprised—I had let one of my great aunts know that we were coming and verified that great grandma would be home). :) We laughed together. Enjoyed great conversation. Caught up on a few bits of family news.  Saw how blessed she was by the members of her quilting group (they made her a few gorgeous quilts—I got a little teary-eyed when I read the back tag and saw one of her frogs attached to the one that was pieced together by the group as a whole— my Grandma Velma was quite sneaky to “spirit” the frog away so it could be used on her gift). Apparently, she cried when they presented the quilt to her. I tried to hold it together so it wouldn’t set off another torrent of tears. 

We left her house completely amazed by the peace and grace that surrounded her (and her sense of humor!).  She was truly an inspiration to us.  I hope that I can follow her example and have a good attitude and be gracious under whatever circumstance might be facing me.  She was an excellent role model that I wish that I knew even better (although, what I did know – I adored!).


Me with my Great Grandma Pearl ,  Chewelah Park – Aug. 2010


Aidan, Great Grandma Pearl, David and me – Aug. 2010


Dustin and Great Grandma Pearl – April 2011


Me with my Great Grandma Pearl – April 2011

My great grandmother was a very special woman who will be greatly missed.  I am thankful that her time of pain and suffering was minimal.  I am thankful that she is no longer in pain. I am thankful that she was surrounded by family when she passed peacefully from this life.  She lived a full 94 years. This beautiful woman. I love you and look forward to spending an eternity in Heaven with you.

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