Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Meet Quincy. He is my sweet golden retriever puppy my guys gave me for my birthday.  Ironically, however, he was brought home on the D-man's birthday 2.5 weeks before my actual birthday.  I'm pretty smitten with this cute little chunky-monkey, ball of fur. :) The following photos were taken a few weeks ago--he has nearly doubled in size since then.  When we tried to weigh him last night, the hubs and I figure that he weighs nearly 15 lb. That is 11 lb. more than he weighed at his first vet appointment. They tell me that he is going to be a big boy, but I'm hoping that they are a wee bit wrong on that.  Quincy was the runt of his litter.  

 Quincy sitting pretty for the camera.

The boys like to remind me (often) that I am severely outnumbered in this house now.  At least when Sydney was still alive we had another girl to help bring the ratio a little closer.  ;) Oh well. I love my 4 guys and wouldn't trade a single one of them. 

Having a puppy in the house has changed our school routine to some extent. I will be working with one on a lesson, then Quincy will wake up from a nap.  I send the one I'm not working with at the moment outside with the puppy to play with him and to make sure that Quincy actually goes potty while outside so they don't have to help clean up any accidents in the house. When the child I'm instructing has finished his lesson, he goes out to relieve his brother, if necessary, then I work with the other one. I call these lessons in responsibility and cooperation. :)  If the weather is cooperative, we will bring books out in the backyard and read or do math from the comfort of a lounge chair (or a tree stump, as was the case yesterday) so we can all be outside with Quincy.  We have had to learn that one may not avoid school or other responsibilities by taking on "Quincy duty." Doesn't that cute face just beg one to throw everything else to the wind in order to spend time with him?

 Not the most flattering self portrait of myself and the littlest man of our house, but alas, here we are sitting in the middle of the kitchen.

Running around on the drill field at Mississippi State University. He had a blast!

We are all learning so much and are having fun in the process.  It is nice having a puppy again with the boys both being old enough to help.  Sometimes I question my sanity at getting a high-energy golden retriever puppy when D-man was 20 months old while pregnant with the blue-eyed boy.  Not to mention, we were also in the midst of an extensive kitchen remodel at the time! :)  This time around is definitely different. 

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