Monday, October 23, 2006


We went to Oktoberfest out at Mountain Lake last Saturday. Man, it was so much fun! The photo collage is a compilation of images taken from that evening of our rowdy group. :) 8 adults crammed into our 7-passenger Tahoe (one of those times that I wish that we had actually gotten the bench seat for the middle row instead of the captain's seats, yes Rob, I'm admitting that you were right!). Rob drove. All you can eat food that was mighty tasty. Plenty of beer (or cider/coffee/water) for all. Fun times all around. Some of my favorite quotes of the night were when Jan kept insisting that he was Swedish, and when Horst was telling everyone about why the cows wore the cow bells--still laughing over that one.
One of the women in the band came up to me afterwards and asked how I became so lucky to be the only girl amongst all of those dashing young men in our party...It was a hard job, but someone had to do it. ;-) Thanks guys for a great time. Ready to go again next year? I know that I am!

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