Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Music Makers.

David standing between his buddies Noah (left) and Mason (right) during their Sunday morning performance.

David's digging for bats in his cave...

David in front of our tree before heading out for this evening's performance.

Music Makers is the name our church has given its preschool choir, which just by chance, happens to be an all-boys choir. 9-15 boys between the ages of 3 and 5. As you can imagine, they must be angels and really easy to handle. From what I have been told, they can be chaotic, but they're cute and have been doing well at learning their songs. The children's music program was held this evening at the BCM (Baptist Campus Ministries) building on campus. The Music Makers choir started things off and the Praise Kidz (elementary choir) performed their musical immediately following.

Rob took David this evening since he had not yet seen our little man perform. I stayed at home with the sick boy (Aidan) and frosted cookies until he finally awoke from his nap. He woke up this morning with a little stomach bug but seems to be doing much better since waking from his nap--yay!!! Rob said that David did a very good job tonight and that he was tapping his toes and bopping his head to the beat of the music.

Sunday morning, when he performed at church, he walked out onto the stage digging for bats in his cave (aka his nose) and ended up eating it! YUCK!!! After they were finished singing the second song, David told someone sitting just below the stage (while holding out just one finger), "We have one more song left!" He said this quite loudly and ended up getting the audience to chuckle quietly. He was also fascinated with the microphone and tried to stay behind to talk for a bit: "Okay, okay, okay..." he said before being coaxed off the stage by one of his leaders. One of my favorite parts Sunday morning was when Noah put his hands in his pockets and yawned (audibly) as soon as the last word of one of the songs was sung. It was done in perfect time with the music!

I'm looking forward to their spring performance!

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Jennifer said...

He's so handsome :) Even with his finger up his nose.