Sunday, December 03, 2006

So sad...

I think I'm allergic to my Christmas tree. :( Last night I noticed that my sinuses were getting plugged up, I felt really sleepy (like I do when I have other pollen allergies "hit" me) and felt like I was just getting a nasty cold. Well, I took a cold and sinus med earlier today that really helped clear my nose and got rid of the headache; however, when I was decorating that beautiful 7' tall holiday house visitor, my eyes started to burn and my nose started to run.

This is the first year that I have ever noticed an allergy to any sort of Christmas tree that I have been in contact with. It makes me so sad to feel miserable when I love getting a real tree. I love driving out to the tree farm. I love walking (or running like I do when I chase the boys) through the rows of trees looking for that perfect one. I love taking pictures of Rob and the boys cutting it down (and then having to pause to hold it up so it doesn't fall over on any of them). I love bringing it home and having to work over a period of 2+ days to make sure that it is not leaning in one direction or another. I love taking out all of the ornaments and reveling in the memories that surround each one--ones I have gotten as a child, ones we have bought for the boys or for each other, ones I or others have is such a sentimental moment. Lastly, I love the smell of a fresh evergreen permeating through my house. However, that beautiful specimen (it's a type of fir--a frasier maybe? Reminds me a bit of a noble) just doesn't agree with me. Oh well. I'll enjoy the beauty of it while it is here. Next year, we'll probably break down and get a fake tree. I shouldn't be allergic to that. ;-)

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