Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Birthday.

Important things for turning 7:
  • Presents - lots of LEGOS for the little builder. Star Wars and pirates (or anything "adventure" preferred).
  • Birthday banners made by Mama: 1 fabric, 1 out of her scrapbooking/stamping stash.
  • A birthday crown for the birthday boy - the robot is a must-have. The red 'D' makes it even better.
  • Izze soda, homemade pizza and Star Wars Clone Wars napkins--need we say more?
  • Special friends and family to celebrate the special day with.
  • 1 super-excited birthday boy.
  • A trip to the local bowling alley for some afternoon fun.
  • Homemade donuts for breakfast and homemade mac-n-cheese (the birthday boy's favorite) for dinner.

The cake will come a little bit later, as will a few photos from our afternoon bowling excursion. :) All in all, the birthday boy would say that his day has been pretty fine and dandy.


Kelly T said...

aww...looks like a great day! Good job mom!!

The Rich Family said...

Happy Birthday to David and to you tomorow! Hope you are doing well. I have now set my blog up to where you can follow i if you like. I am hoping to get 30 followers by the end of the month:-) We are leaving for Massanutten resort tomorrow but I would love to get together when we get back!