Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun Evening Outing at Schupp Park.

We really enjoyed the below-90 degree temperatures today, especially since it has been 100+ every other day this month since we have moved down here. And, since the weather was cooler today, we decided to take a break from our regular evening swim after dinner and drove to one of the city parks here in McAllen for a change of pace. The boys' bikes were loaded into the back of the car and Sydney was even able to join in on the family fun. The park hosts a really nice fitness trail that was packed with runners and walkers (and a few bicycling children too), and there are some really fun playground structures too! Next time, I'll have to remember to grab my camera. :) After we walked/rode bikes around the park, the boys tried climbing one of the mesquite trees before finally heading over to one of the play structures. This will be a place we will visit with frequency.

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Kelly T said...

oh great...glad you are finding some places to have some fun. It helps make the new place seem more like 'home'. Looking forward to some photos from next time:)