Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cub Scouts Fall Party at the Park.

Our finished pumpkins--David wanted to show our VT Hokie pride. :) Since Aidan wasn't able to use the ghost design out of our carving book (we forgot to take tape to the park with us), he opted for a nice smiling jack-o-lantern with triangle eyes.

David helped me carve Aidan's pumpkin while Aidan was playing on the merry-go-round with a new friend he made at the park. The bottom photo is where Aidan is posing with his pumpkin after he helped me to design the face.

Bobbing for apples--Daddy was so proud of David for doing it properly and getting quite wet in the process AND don't forget gutting the pumpkin. David was a little grossed out over the feel of the seeds and stringy pulp (just look at his face!). He was better about it after Daddy told him that he was gutting the pumpkin--it became a game after that!

Rob taking the top off the pumpkin so we could take out the pumpkin guts and David was getting the carving tools out. The boys with their pumpkins by the front door after we got home from the park.

They mixed up the Tiger Cub Scouts and the Wolf Cub Scouts for a fun game of tug-of-war. The game started out being great fun for both boys, then David decided to give up right at the end. We had to talk to him about his attitude and how giving up wasn't doing his best (and being the "mean" mom that I am, I made him play again during the 2nd game with the caveat that he had to play with a better attitude and not give up the 2nd time around). ;) He did great then! Aidan had a blast getting to participate in the 1st tug-of-war match up. He was able to hold his ground pretty well even with wearing flip-flops. He opted to not play the 2nd round when the adults joined in, so he watched from the sidelines with Mama.

It may be hot down in these parts and not feel like fall, but we sure had fun at the Cub Scouts outing getting messy (some getting wet). We also enjoyed getting to meet other people who are on this scouting adventure alongside us.


Kelly T said...

FUN!! And not mean mom...great mom:)It's the attitude of the heart that is important! Good job:)

Crystal said...

Thanks Kelly--that's what I'm going for. :) He thought I was "mean" at the time, but I think that he'll thank me for it someday.