Monday, October 19, 2009

Singing and Mixed-up Song Lyrics.

(the boys like dressing up in funny hats too)
My boys love to sing. For awhile, the D-man was singing 80s hits that he learned while playing Karaoke Revolution with us on our friends PS2 or when playing Rock Band with some other friends. Imagine, a 6-year-old belting out the lyrics to Eye of the Tiger and The Final Countdown without missing a beat. Then, this same child of mine learned Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. He thought one day when we were picking him up from Awana that it was appropriate to sing that particular song almost at the top of his lungs. When we talked to him about the inappropriate nature of belting that song out at that particular place at that particular time, he said, "Well, why can't I sing that one in a church, it talks about praying?" Hmmm...let's just say an interesting conversation ensued after that. ;-)

While David may be dead on with lyrics to songs to the point where he gets really irritated whenever someone mixes up the words to the lyrics (um, namely Daddy), Aidan has a little more trouble. For instance, the boys started singing Days of Elijah during children's church a little over a month ago. Both of them LOVE this song and will belt it out at random (Aidan does most of the belting, mind you--for a little guy, he's got quite the set of pipes). One day when they were singing this and got to the "There's no God like Jehovah..." Aidan's version sounded a little more like: "There's no god like Sebulba." I'm thinking, how in the world did a Star Wars character from episode 1 make its way into this song? This was bordering a little bit on obsession (there's already LOTS of Star Wars talk and play going on here, do we really have to sing about it too?). Then, the next go-round it was: "There's no god like Je-boh-ba." David got a little irritated with this and told him (very loudly and matter-of-factly in his best bossy big brother tone of voice), "NO Aidan, it's JEHOVAH!" Well, after a few times of David's not exactly kind corrections and Rob's and my kinder attempts, he finally sings it correctly. And, if you're standing in their auditorium during children's church, you can pick out my adorable blue-eyed boy's voice singing that part at the top of his lungs, and it makes his mama and his daddy smile.

Another song Aidan has had mix-ups with is a song called Take it All. For the longest time, Rob and I couldn't figure out what he was trying to sing since it came out as: "Tippy Wong" or "Tippy Wall." David finally had to translate for us, and again instructed his little brother on the correct wording of the song (oh, D is so much his mother's son).

Thinking about Aidan's recent song lyric mix-ups made me think of some others. If I'm going to expose his stories, I guess that I'm going to have to expose my own. Unfortunately, I do not have the excuse of being 5 to hide behind since I was in high school when my song lyric faux pas was brought to light. Mom, Dustin and I were listening to the oldies station one day in the car when Secret Agent Man came on. When the chorus came on, my mom and brother started laughing when they heard me singing it as "Secret Asian Man." I tried to explain that it wasn't any different than Dustin's mistaking the words "A set time has come" for "Set down a skunk," but they weren't buying that explanation. I guess that family jokes have to start somewhere, right? But, rest assured that I'll never mess up on the chorus of that song again. ;)

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