Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Home at last.

We're all getting settled into our new home. Rob and I have gotten a ton unpacked already, and still have more to do. Hopefully we'll have all but the kitchen unpacked by the time we go to bed tonight. Ambitious idea, I know. I'm currently sitting outside of the Student Services Building at VT surfing the web via the wireless connection on Rob's laptop. Finding this building was definitely an adventure--we drove the wrong way a few times before we finally found where we were supposed to be going.

This campus is beautiful--buildings made from *Hokie stone* mixed in with more modern looking brick buildings. It's HUGE though! Even the football stadium (Lane Stadium) is enormous. I'm hoping and praying that I'll be able to start figuring out where everything is around here soon. Everything is still so foreign and new. The people are great out here--so nice and hospitable. We're all learning what southern hospitality is all about. :)

Aidan and David are currently trying to escape (Aidan is almost running now when he walks around), and Rob is chomping at the bit to get to do his Internet surfing. Think I'll go play with the boys and listen to the cicadas screetch some more.

Oh, one last thing--lightning bugs are SO freaking cool! We saw some a couple of nights ago on a walk we took. At first I wasn't sure what I saw, then I saw all these flashes of light swarming just above the grass. So cool. So awesome. Can't wait to see them more!

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