Friday, August 26, 2005

Internet at home...finally!

Yippee! The Adelphia guy finally came over this afternoon to hook up my Internet. I've been going through withdrawls. (just kidding...I haven't been quite that bad). :) No more driving onto the Virginia Tech campus with the laptop to check my e-mail parked along the drill field.

Life here is alright. David and I started doing preschool at home this week. We sing songs, read stories, do art projects, and other stuff too. I'm happy to say that David learned his weekly Memory verse on Monday, and has been able to repeat it to me every day since. If you asked him what his favorite things have been, he'd probably tell you 1) playing with play-dough or 2) singing songs. After my scanner arrives, I'll have to scan in a couple of his projects to share. They're too fun.

Aidan has mastered climbing up our stairs. I'll turn around for 1 second, and then I hear him and David both giggling upstairs while they're playing with toys...or, I'll hear David laughing and Aidan screaming...I'd much rather hear them giggling together. They really do get along quite well though. David just sometimes forgets that Aidan is smaller and can't quite wrestle and rough-house the way that he likes to.

We're almost all unpacked now...only a couple boxes in our bedroom and some stuff in the office. Yeah!!! We found a scrapbooking table/desk for me today. I can't wait to start letting my creative juices flow making cards and creating scrapbook pages.

Oh, I'm an official Virginian. I went to the DMV last Friday and got my Virginia driver's license and got Virginia plates for the Tahoe (Virginia Tech ones--Go Hokies!!!). The coolest thing about getting my new license is that I didn't have to take the written exam like I did when I changed from having a Washington license to an Idaho one and from my Idaho license to my Oregon one. I just went in, showed my required docs, and presto!

Tomorrow I will have a few pictures to post. I plan to have Rob walk me through what I need to do (since he was the one who uploaded the picture of he and the boys from my first post).

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