Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I love the fall. The leaves beginning to change color. The crispness of the air. There is nothing quite like it. It's a season of transition. Not only in nature--vegetation and animal life preparing for the upcoming chill that winter brings, but it's also a season of transition within our lives.

~Our family is in a transition now that Rob is back in school. We are constantly adjusting. Schedules evolving. Trying to adapt to our new way of life. Trying to be a support and a help to him. Excited at the kindling of passion within him as he is pursuing different research interests (although some of what he tells me goes over my head). :)

~I'm in a season of transition in my walk with the Lord. Constantly yearning for a deeper intimacy with my creator. Seeking. Asking. Longing. Trying to see his will for my life and what direction he wants me to go. Being reminded of who I am in Christ. Excited for where He is bringing me.

~Living in a new and exciting place. Driving out of town just a few minutes and being out in the middle of nowhere. Immersed in the beauty of God's creation. I had to take a few pictures while we were on a walk/mini-hike at Pandapas Pond Sunday afternoon. The leaves are starting to change colors--splashes of yellow, gold and crimson flashing amongst the green. It's quite breathtaking! In a couple more weeks, the hillsides will be awash in color--I can hardly wait!

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