Friday, October 21, 2005

On the mend.

Feeling much better today than I have all week. Think that the antibiotics are doing their job! Only thing is that I am finding that I am still pretty wiped out by mid-day. My tonsils have shrunk in size and it does not hurt to swallow anymore, so I guess that I should just look at those positives! :)

I am so thankful that the guys are all doing so well. Rob seems to rarely if ever get knocked down by anything. Aidan has been a bit cranky due to his teething, I am guessing. He has been cutting 8 since Labor Day and they haven't completely worked themselves all the way above the surface. He is still pretty good natured though. David is his exuberant self. Bouncing off walls, furniture and the like. :)

Last night I had such a fabulous time with four other women from my MOPS discussion group. We met up at Daily Grind off Prices Fork Rd. here in Blacksburg for coffee and fellowship. It was neat getting to know each person who came a little bit more. They are all such amazing, wonderful women. God has truly blessed me with people that I am coming into contact with here.

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