Saturday, October 15, 2005

Costco, Krispy Kreme and football (and some other stuff too)

This weekend has been pretty good so far. Yesterday we drove down to Winston-Salem, North Carolina for a trip to Costco. Winston-Salem is about 130 or so miles away from Blacksburg, and is freeway driving all the way there. It was so pretty driving through the mountains and through the different valleys--definitely got warmer once we were in North Carolina though, by at least 8-10 degrees. We went to the mall to walk around a bit (and I got some new clothing items) before heading to Costco since we got there before it opened. Yeah, I had definitely been having some Costco withdrawls. :) Didn't realize how much I missed having one not far from my house to pick up whatever, whenever. This will be good discipline, right? :) Got LOTS of stuff this time though and found a really yummy marinade/dressing to boot that is manufactured in Redmond, Washington.

Oh, before we left for home, we had to stop by Krispy Kreme. Yum. They have pumpkin spice cake donuts rught now that are heavenly. Rob wanted the regular melt-in-your-mouth kind of donuts, and I got a chocolate donut and a pumpkin spice donut (ate the pumpkin one and saved the chocolate for later). Krispy Kreme was actually founded in Winston-Salem. Genius those creators were.

After we got home, we were scurrying to get the house cleaned before Rob's poker night began. Yeah, that worked really well with 2 busy little boys running under-foot. :) I told Rob that trying to clean with those two is often times like trying to shovel your sidewalk in the midst of a blizzard. I put away, they taketh out. Gotta love them though! We did manage to get things clean enough to be presentable, so that was good (although with everyone but me playing cards, I don't think that anyone else noticed what the house looked like). Rob lost this time. Last time he raked in the chips, but apparently the cards weren't going his way last night.

Today we ran errands and then got to play at Barnes and Noble for awhile. The boys loved playing on the 100-acre wood stage where they do storytime, and at the train table. There are so many trains and cars out to get to play with, it makes it really nice when there are other kids around. Neither boy really wanted to leave (David even had a little friend to look at books and play with today--his name was Sam and he was 4 years old). But we came home, they had naps, Rob studied, and I got to talk to my dad. It was nice getting to hear his voice and being able to communicate that way instead of just by e-mail. This afternoon we watched football. Too bad Notre Dame couldn't pull it off. At least Oregon beat UW--that was a good point, for me at least. We watched part of the NASCAR race too. Man, lots of blown tires tonight. Craziness.

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