Sunday, October 16, 2005

How cool is...

having Rob tell me this evening about Pastor Nick praying for people in our congregation (and those home too) to get well from whatever sicknesses they might have and right after the time Nick prayed, David was back to his normal self. I think it's awesome! I serve an amazing God! Miracles of healing still happen today--they didn't just happen in the Bible. God is the same yesterday, today and forever!

David and I stayed home from church this morning because he had been running a slight fever last night and still wasn't quite himself when he woke up this morning. You know when that boy isn't feeling well when he's ultra cuddly. He gives cuddles here and there, but he's normally high energy and is bouncing (or balancing, or jumping) on the furniture and off the walls. Plus, he took a nap yesterday that didn't mess up his internal clock. Guess that should have been my first clue. :)

He's been really into Disney's new show, Little Einsteins. He likes to pretend that he is Leo, Rob is Quincy, I'm June and Aidan is Annie (although I keep trying to get him to change it to such luck yet). When we're not the Little Einsteins (or the Little Whitesteins as he first use to call them), we are other cartoon characters. It's kind of fun, but you never know who he is going to be when. Aidan likes the music that is on the show, although he doesn't seem to be as enthralled with this one as he is with VeggieTales. :) Aidan knows when a song is about to start on the different VeggieTales movies and will put down whatever he is looking at/playing with and go closer to the TV to dance. It's really fun to watch. :)

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