Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This Crazy Little Thing Called Life... here has been a bit crazy this week. I stayed home with David Sunday morning because he was still running a slight fever. Monday morning I woke up with a bit of a sore throat--didn't really think too much about it at first. My friend, Julie, came by and we made cookies for MOPS while the kids played and watched Elmo or VeggieTales videos. By Monday afternoon, I was really feeling pretty yucky. Rob ended up coming home early and I went straight to bed after eating a dinner of chicken broth and saltine crackers--yum. After about 12+ hours of sleep, I was up and running Tuesday morning. Thought I'd try to get the rest of my baking for MOPS done since I wasn't able to get it done Monday. My muffins ended up tasting really good, but the mini muffins I wanted to take for breakfast looked pretty bad being mutilated and all (didn't have any mini-muffin cup liners--oops!). So, we left the house a bit early and stopped by Kroger to get some to take with me, since I couldn't show up empty-handed. :) After MOPS, all I wanted to do was go home and go to bed, which, of course, I wasn't able to do. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jeremy Freeman, the husband of one of the MOPS co-coordinators at Blacksburg Baptist Church and rested assured that after Wednesday, I'd finally know what was wrong with me and I'd get something to help me feel better.

Today, my appointment went great. I think that the boys and I have a doctor for the duration we are in Blacksburg. Come to find out, I have some sort of tonsilitis. Truthfully, I feel SOOOOOO much better today than I did yesterday afternoon, so that is good. I'm on antibiotics now, and hopefully we'll beat this crud quickly.

My dear friend, Julie, was so kind to lend me the use of her sewing machine yesterday after MOPS so I could sew the patches on David's vest for Cubbies (see the above picture--I'm really proud of this accomplishment!). Well, being the remedial seamstress that I am (the lack of confidence in myself in this area stems from my mom continually calling me the remedial's kind of stuck since high school), I had to call my mom because I couldn't figure out why in the world the thread from the top spool kept getting wrapped up and getting stuck in the bobbin. Thankfully she talked me through what I should do, and then the machine started working out great! I finished ripping out all the stitches I had done by hand on the patches and proceeded to sew them onto David's vest with the sewing machine. I was kind of bummed that I was done after sewing the 5 numbers across the bottom left side of the vest and the Jumper Trail patch just below the AWANA Cubbies one on the left side by his heart. Thankfully, he earned his Lamb Walk 1 patch tonight, so I had another one to sew on for him (and he will have earned his Elephant Walk 1 patch next week after he tells Miss Tammy or Miss Nancy the next verse). This boy LOVES his vest and would wear it all day, every day if I'd let him.

Tonight was career night at Awana, so that is why he's wearing the fireman's hat. He also wore his firefighter raincoat that he wore for his Halloween costume last year. Definitely one adorable firefighter I have. :) David had a blast at Cubbies, like usual and came home with a glowing report and is anxious to get to go again next week. At least we have our bear hug lesson to work on this week, so it's something that can help tide him over until then.

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