Thursday, August 04, 2005

St. Louis, here we come!

We left Omaha, Nebraska this morning and set off for the greater St. Louis, Missouri area. We saw lots of corn fields all over Iowa and Missouri. Both states are beautiful though, and have really kickin' rest stops. One that we drove by in Iowa even had wireless Internet access! These rest stops aren't like anything I had ever seen in Washington, Idaho or Montana, they look kind of like little houses from the road and are really nice on the inside. David and I liked the sinks that dispense soap and water itself and then when you're done washing your hands, the water turns off and the dryer turns on. Too cool, if you ask me!

The drive was a lot more "interesting" today as far as scenery goes. More trees, rolling landscape...lots of green. We stopped in Kansas City for lunch, then were bound for St. Louis. Our friend, Dan Mitchell, from Eugene, called us somewhere between Columbia and St. Louis and asked us about the latest post to our Yahoo! group--something about me being booked into a jail in Wyoming after supposedly going into a fit of road rage chasing Dennis Rodman. Sorry to disappoint any of you who may have bought into this humorous satire of our trip; however, NONE of it was true. It gave us a really REALLY good laugh though. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard.

We ate at Cracker Barrel for dinner tonight--thanks Dan and Tam for your suggestion! It was so nice being able to eat some real good homestyle comfort food.

Well, Syd is in her kennel for the night, David is laying down and needs "mommy cuddles" and Aidan is crying, so I need to wrap this up. Tomorrow we're hoping to visit the St. Louis zoo and then we're off for Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Good night. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you got out of jail. Did you at least get an autograph?

Anonymous said...

Oh... and make sure that Robert checks the Yahoo pictures too.