Monday, February 06, 2006

Sick no more!

Oh yeah, we're definitely rejoicing around here because of this. Last week Aidan and I both ended up getting sick--yuck! Thankfully Rob and David ended up avoiding it, but it really wasn't fun not feeling anything close to "normal" until about Thursday afternoon. It is wonderful being able to have energy to wash my dishes. Being able to focus long enough to read my daily life journal reading. To be able to read a story to the boys. To be able to play. To be able to do something other than lay in my bed or on the couch (something I did a lot of last week because movement made me nauseous). :(

This week is going to be a very busy one as I'm preparing for David's 4th birthday party. The D-man wanted to invite everyone and his/her dog to his party; however, we only live in a not-so-very-big townhouse, so the list had to be trimmed down somewhat. The theme is monkeys/jungle. I'm making monkey party favor cups for the kids. I got the idea from Martha Stewart Kids magazine's birthday issue from last year. Some of my other decoration ideas come from there or from last February's Family Fun Magazine (the jungle expedition party). Preparing for his party is so much fun this year. I love watching how excited my little man is getting over every detail. We went to the party supply store down the street last Thursday after gymnastics. The boy was in heaven! "Can we get this? Can we get these? What about this?" It was great. He's growing up so fast. I remember him as my teeny-tiny little man, now he's going to be 4!!! Although he's got that teenager attitude--yikes!

Speaking of the little munchkin, he has just come up here to inform me that he has finished his lunch which means we need to break out our lesson for the day and get going. I'm just starting to go through the book Five in a Row with him. This week's book is Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening illustrated by Susan Jeffers. The illustrations in this book are amazing, and I think that it will be a great one to kick off with (especially since we had a little bit of snow falling yesterday--too bad nothing "stuck").

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