Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Will this ever end?

Aidan has been under the weather again for the last few days. Yesterday and today he pretty much wanted to lay in my lap or on the floor. He's taken everything really well though...hasn't cried at all. Just takes everything as it comes. Definitely a little trooper.

Mom was here for a couple of days. She's been with David every year on his birthday (and was there in the hospital with us when he was born) and didn't want to miss one. The D-man was ecstatic that his Nana was here--crawled all over her. Told her that he loved her over and over again. Showered her in kisses. It was so sweet. He told me tonight that he couldn't sleep because he missed Nana too much. I love watching them interact. They have such a special relationship.

Well...guess that I should go try to watch the rest of Wedding Crashers with Rob. I've had to leave the room umpteen times because it's so crass and makes me uncomfortable.

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