Friday, June 23, 2006

How does our garden grow?

In pots, of course!!!
Sydney, on guard duty in front of Tomato Row--4 pots of cherry tomatoes and 1 pot of Red Zebra heirloom slicing tomatoes.

I love to grow stuff, and when the first signs of spring started to appear, it was no surprise that I started getting that itch. The Gardening Itch. Gardening is in my blood. Both of my grandmothers have HUGE gardens, and my dad is a gardening kind of guy too. There is just something about growing your own fruits and veggies, flowers and other plants. David (and Aidan too) totally got into the process of gardening this year. We started some tomato plants from seed as well a few flowers, some cilantro and chives (although I also bought chive and cilantro plants from the local Farmer's market since my plants took their time starting). The bigger tomatoes are ones that we bought as starts at the Farmer's market. David even saw packets of pumpkin seeds that I had in my gardening box and insisted that he plant 2, which he really did plant himself. Well, what should happen is that both of the seeds took off and are now even getting blossoms!!! We had to transplant them into bigger pots last week since they were outgrowing the ones we had transplanted them in before. Now, I have to purchase something even bigger to put them in (they are the plants in the 2 orange plastic pots on the top shelf of the baker's rack)! He also planted some sunflower seeds that I have (I had to find the shortest growing ones for him). It is so fun watching both boys get excited at watching the entire process. From the planting, to the sprouting and to noticing blossoms and fruit.

We have already enjoyed a few strawberries that we have grown and even have a cherry tomato that has started changing color! David and Rob have been eagerly anticipating its ripening. David told Rob that he was going to eat the first tomato because he likes them now. He wasn't going to let his daddy have it. What a nut!

Next year, when we have a bigger yard, we're going to grow more stuff. Until then, we'll just enjoy what we have in our many pots! :)

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