Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today was a truly fun day. The boys and I went shopping--had to look for a few photography-related items and also got a few shirts. We had lunch after we got home. I straightened up the house a bit and then Tifini came over for her maternity photo shoot. The 3 pictures posted are probably my favorites from our session. She's such a beautiful pregnant woman. Taking her pictures was so fun. Granted, I was really nervous since it was my first-ever maternity session, but I learned a lot. That's what's important, right? Well...that, and having some great pictures as a result. :-)

After Tifini's photo session, Rob, the boys and I hopped into the car and drove down to Christiansburg to the ballroom dance studio to look at dancing shoes. I found a pair that Rob liked (and that were comfortable for me). We had to eat dinner fairly quickly, I straightened things up and then Autumn came to watch the boys for us while Rob and I went to our second dancing class. Rob signed us up for the Latin I class through Blacksburg Parks and Recreation. We are having so much fun!!! Hopefully we can take Latin II next.

Tomorrow we're off to the zoo with my MOPS group. David is really excited about getting to see some of his friends. They're both pretty excited about the zoo too. David told Rob tonight that he was going to ride the zoo-choo tomorrow and wanted to be the one to pay for our tickets. He's such a funny (and fun) boy.

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