Thursday, June 01, 2006


I will get my Unit 1 photo project mailed into New York Institute of Photography possibly late this afternoon!!! I'm definitely a perfectionist and hemmed and hawed over this part of my course. Finally, I just decided that, "Hey! This is good enough, I need to get the project sent in sometime in this century." Plus, Rob had been hounding me--"Do you have your project turned in? Did you get the pictures taken?" and so forth.

Yesterday, after we went to Farmer's Market and ran a few other errands, we stopped by the studio/camera store that is in the downtown area (the one I have driven past on numerous occasions but hadn't been able to go in to check it out). I talked to the owner/photographer for awhile and made a new contact/mentor person in the area. In the process of doing that, I placed an order to have all of my pictures printed off of my camera's CF card and will pick them up this afternoon (and will take the photos for my project directly to the post office). Yippee! I'm pretty excited about all of this.

But...I need to go downstairs and check out what my two troublemakers are doing. Aidan has already broken the magazine for the CD player and the morning is still young!

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becky said...

Good for you! Exciting stuff! (Well, the photography stuff...not the destructo-boys! LOL)