Friday, July 28, 2006


That is the word that completely describes our house right now. Boxes are piled high throughout the house, waiting to be loaded onto and off of the moving truck this coming Monday morning. Thankfully, we have hired a company to move the boxes and furniture for us, so packing and unpacking is the only thing we will have to do this time around. The kitchen will definitely be the first thing I work toward unpacking. I always feel a sense of accomplishment (and organization) once that particular room is out of the way.

Our Boston trip was so much fun! I really enjoyed getting to tour the city, to learn even more about American history, and of course, getting to visit with my brother Dustin and his girlfriend, Melinda. The weather was hot while we were there, and we walked LOTS! The boys liked the Children's museum, the Tadpole Park and Frog Pond at the Boston Common, their excursion to the zoo with Nana and Uncle Dunny (especially the lion roaring at them--Aidan is continually giving us his impression) and getting to see the seals outside of the aquarium. Then again, David also enjoyed climbing onto the fire hydrant he saw when we walked onto Harvard's campus, they both enjoyed seeing the various painted cow statues peppered throughout the city and getting to ride on the busses and choo-choos. My favorite parts were when Mom and Dustin took the kids to the zoo leaving Rob and I to be able to walk The Freedom Trail together and our last full day in Boston--going to the Boston Public Library with Dustin and seeing all the different exhibits, walking down Marlborough Street and through the Public Garden and then going to Revere Beach to see the sand sculptures from the previous weekend's competition (and to play in the water, but only Melinda and I ventured to do that). After leaving Revere Beach, we took the subway back to the Prudential center to go on the skywalk. The skywalk is on the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower and gives you an amazing view of the city, granted that the audio tour is geared for the daylight hours and not the dark, but oh well. :) Dustin and Melinda lastly took us to Finale, a wine and dessert restaurant that was so good . We all enjoyed getting to visit with one another, and Rob and I enjoyed getting to see a different aspect of the city that we hadn't seen up until that point. We took the subway and bus back to the hotel and settled in for the night before driving all the way back home the following day.

Well, I had better get back to cleaning bathrooms, one down and one more to go for this evening.

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