Saturday, July 08, 2006

New do, movies and s'mores...

what can be better than that? :) This morning I had my hair cut and highlighted--had to try and hide all that gray hair that seems to be popping up all the time. My stylist was actually kind of surprised that I asked her really spontaneously to cut more than an inch off of my hair. Initially, we had agreed to cut maybe 1-1 1/2 inches off, but I think I had her take at least 2 or more inches off total. It's still just below shoulder length, so it's still long hair--I didn't do anything super drastic. :)

After I got home, we ran to farmer's market to check out the goods. Aidan helped me pick out some fresh garlic. David picked out some granola and we also got some cherry limeade and margarita/spritzer mix--yum! We ran into our friend Shannon at the lemonade stand (Aidan was trying to help himself to more, and he couldn't really reach the container--it was funny). I'm trying to plot a peach-picking adventure with my fellow peach loving friend so we can both have some to freeze/can to use until next year. After we get back from vacation, right? (I'm saying this here so neither of us can forget!) We also drove out to Crow's Nest to see what their hours were and to find out what they have available for picking right now. I need to get more blueberries and really want to get raspberries this year. David is finally eating jam with his sandwiches, so I can make some this year. Yeah!!! I don't know exactly what made him start liking jam, but he does now and that is a good thing.

This afternoon, post-farmer's market, was nice and quiet. Aidan went down for his nap, David and I pounded through 3 reading lessons. Oh, he is doing so good with our reading lessons right now. We're going through Siegfried Engelmann's Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and are at about lesson 32 right now. I really like the method outlined in this book, but have had to modify it to help keep David interested in what we are doing. I don't think he really saw the point in the beginning exercises since he already knows the basic sounds of his letters (thanks to the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD!), but now that he is reading various words and short stories, the excitement is really starting to show. He is even starting to sound out words he sees on signs or around the house--it is so cool! Well, after reading, we watched a couple of movies that came today via Netflix, then we picked up dinner and headed out to France and Pierre's (the couple's home we are watching while they are out of town) to let the boys and Sydney burn some energy. They all love getting to play in the woods. I think the sticks, dirt and other treasures are what the boys like the most. Well, that and the fact that we got to roast marshmallows in the fire pit to make s'mores. While we were making s'mores, I was singing the VeggieTales "Marshmallow Song" to the boys. "Graham cracker, graham cracker, chocolate bar. Sitting by the campfire under the stars...Marshmallows, Marshmallows, sticky and sweet...put them all together and you've got a treat!" Aidan was giving me big smiles and was dancing along to the beat of the music. It's definitely a catchy tune.

Oh, but after giving Aidan his s'more, he wouldn't eat it! He got marshmallow goo on his mouth and hands and started saying "Mess! Mess! I make mess!" and was trying to clean off his hands. He doesn't like getting food on himself or spilling it on the table. He will literally stop eating whatever it is until you get him something that he can help clean it up with...he's funny, I know. David devoured his s'more though. Nothing stopped that one. :)

Yikes--it's getting late and we have to get up semi-early to go to church in the morning. Have a wonderful weekend!

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