Thursday, September 07, 2006

Getting in the groove.

This past week, David and I started doing preschool at home. After the 2nd day, as we are trying to get our lessons done before bedtime, I was thinking to myself, "why in the world did we decide to start this week since I had other things planned?" Then I thought, "well...this is a good test to show that we can do school when we get the time!" I found this curriculum online called ABC, I Believe. Each week we learn a memory verse (this week it is Proverbs 6:6 as we are studying about ants), and we have different craft ideas, math, reading, and penmanship ideas (as well as some other things too). David loves having school. Well, he loves everything except penmanship. I think he would truly prefer to just write the letters whatever way he chose and however big he thinks they should be. Stay between the lines? I don't think he thinks that he should have to do that. :)

Well, school work is calling to us. I'd better not keep my little man waiting. We've got some new sounds to learn for reading and more penmanship practice.

Oh, the photo I posted today was one I took looking down Acorn Street in Boston. I had tried posting it with my entry about our trip, but was having problems posting photographs that day.

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