Thursday, September 21, 2006


That's the name David bestowed upon a beautiful Monarch butterfly when we were up at Pandapas Pond this morning. I was playing fetch with Sydney, allowing her to swim and retrieve--two things she does quite well, and all of a sudden David comes up to me, ready to show me his prize catch. He was holding it gingerly by the wings and had this look of sheer bliss and delight upon his face. The butterfly was given the name of Punker because she was orange like a pumpkin (and I call him punkin) and he likes to have an 'er' sound be at the end of a lot of his made-up words.

My boy cried when Punker finally decided to fly away. It was hard seeing him so heartbroken. Maybe we will find more when we walk to the park later? This time we will come prepared with butterfly net in hand. :)

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