Thursday, September 21, 2006

Photo Monday.

I was a busy girl Monday afternoon/early evening. :) Vicki and Jeff came over to have their photos taken--they just got married last week!!! And, Rob needed to have a picture for his webpage, so we got his done too. David had me take a few of him in his Halloween costume too, but I decided not to post any of those. He does make a pretty cute storm trooper though!
The sessions went really well overall; however, I had to do more editing than I had hoped since my lighting was a little bit off. Thank goodness for photoshop though! The proofs will be in tomorrow, so I can see if any color corrections need to be made, or if I'm good to go. Since Rob calibrated my monitor, I haven't been having too many problems though--unless it happened to be by user error. :) Like that would ever happen?!?! (ha ha ha)

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