Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No coloring on the walls!

Signage by David. He came out of my bathroom yesterday saying, "Mommy, I made a sign in the bathroom that says 'No coloring on the walls!'" I didn't think much about it until after I had to go in there later. As I sat down, I noticed on the wall in front of me 2 circles with lines through them (as seen in the picture above). The little box of crayons they got at Cracker Barrel last time we ate there was sitting on the edge of the sink. I was laughing pretty hard by the time I had left the room.

To top it off, he just told Rob this story about why he had to do it. Here is the condensed version:

R: So David why did you write on the walls?
D: so that somebody who comes in the bathroom to write on the walls knows that you aren't supposed to write on the walls
R: Didn't you have to write on the walls to do that?
D: Yeah, but I had to so people would know not to write on the walls

4-year-old logic. Gotta love it. :) Speaking of that child of mine, I just heard the fridge--gotta go investigate!

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becky said...

Sounds logical to me! LOL! I hope you have some of those Mr. Clean thingies! And I hope they really work!