Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Soakin' up the sunshine!

That was definitely us yesterday. Went to the park in the morning, cleaned up the back yard a bit (apparently missed some of the dog-poo though--Aidan's "blue" found it when we played out there later). In case you're wondering, Aidan calls his favorite shoes (blue Sketchers) "Blue." And believe me, if you try to put anything else on him, he gets a little grumpy!

Yesterday afternoon was fun though--I cleaned off the patio slab while the boys were out playing in the yard, or on the patio furniture...they are monkies you know. :) It was fun watching them get all dirty and having fun. We're definitely looking forward to our move in just over 3 1/2 months. I'm about ready to begin a countdown, I'm that excited about it! Maybe we'll even drive over to that neighborhood later today to play at the park. Get the boys used to the new surroundings they will have. David is looking forward to being able to ride his bike more and having a park just down the street. I'm excited that the boys will each be in their own bedrooms again, and that Rob and I will have our own creative/work spaces (and, the office will no longer share space with our bedroom). Having a real yard and a garage are definite plusses too. Our yard here is pretty much just a weed patch, where there is any green at all. But, my monkeys need room to move or else they are going to drive their Mama crazy!!!!

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