Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tigers, Old Navy and 79 degrees--oh my!

Alright...the title for today's entry is a little crazy, but that's kind of how today has been. Rob worked on homework for awhile this morning (trying to get his take-home test complete) then came down suggesting that we go up to Roanoke to go to the zoo and to Old Navy...the boys needed new pants. We all said, "sure!" and so that's what we did.

The zoo was crazy! We have gone there at least 5 other times and have never seen as many people there as we saw today. Guess that everyone in the Roanoke Valley and possibly the New River Valley all had the same idea we had. :) Then again, it was 79 degrees outside! Yeah, it's March 11, and it's 79 degrees. How crazy is that? It was pretty awesome though. We aren't complaining after getting to go outside and enjoy it! The boys ran around the zoo for awhile, then we had the difficult task of wrangling them back in the direction of the car. Neither one really wanted to go in that direction.

After the zoo, we went to Old Navy to get those pants I mentioned earlier. And, since they had their St. Patrick's day t-shirts, we had to get those for us's kind of a family tradition. :) We also ventured to the Disney store--boy, was David in heaven. As soon as he saw Buzz Lightyear, it was over. And, luck had it that since he lost his small Buzz Lightyear toy on one of our excursions, he was able to get a replacement Buzz--a much bigger one that makes LOTS of noise (now, why did we give into that again? the laser noise drives us CRAZY!).

Well, it's time to go finish dinner and help Rob with the boys. Maybe we'll even go out for another walk after dinner--who knows!

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