Monday, April 10, 2006

It's official...

Spring is here. How do I know this (other than by looking at a calendar)? It would be due to my allergies acting up! Every since I was little, I can remember getting a "cold" sometime during the spring. I never thought anything of it really until this year though. Since flowers have started blooming, and the trees have been blooming, I've had a perpetual cold.

Truly, I don't mind that much though. The flowers blooming are so beautiful, and I love flower gardening. The only part of me that does mind the influx in pollen floating through the air would probably be my eyes--and that would only be when I'm wearing my contact lenses. Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting downstairs trying to read and could hardly get my eyes to focus. Yeah, I'm a little bit tired too, but not being able to clearly see details that I'm supposed to be noticing between photographs for my current lesson...well, that's not really normal. :) So, I just took them out and put my glasses back on. Ahhh...nearly instant relief!

Today was so beautiful. The boys and I went to the park for a bit before we went to Blacksburg Baptist Church for our MOPS playdate. We had fun out in the sunshine, playing in the dirt and exploring the trails. Maybe we'll make it back over there tomorrow after storytime at Barnes and Noble.

Last night I went on a little "date" with David. We went to Target to pick up ink for my printer, looked around at a few things that he might want to get Aidan for his birthday there, then we went to Barnes and Noble. David met a little boy named Bryce and they had fun playing with the trains. David found a book that he wanted me to read, so I read it to both of the boys and just enjoyed watching them interact. I'm sure he probably had more fun playing with him than he would have had it just been the two of us there. After we left BN, we came home, ate ice cream together and then got him ready for bed. I think that we might go to Dairy Queen, Ben and Jerry's or Cold Stone for our next date. He's generally happy with any of those 3 places. :)

Well...I need to get back to studying. I'm hoping to finish reading this lesson on film (which really doesn't totally pertain to digital photography; however, I am learning some valuable tools about ISO and exposure--the theory is interesting too) tonight so I can listen to that tape and get started on the next lesson. I was hoping to be able to get through this course in the shortest amount of time possible--I guess that my 6 month goal finishing time has been extended to 12-months. I really think that my 6-month goal was a little bit unrealistic.

Happy Monday!

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