Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Life in the circus...

Rob's look of triumph after one 'jug'
The crazy guy juggling raw eggs in my kitchen.
oops...one cracked.
Smash...thought this might happen.Oh no!
This all started out with Rob playing with one little plastic spice container while the boys were eating popcicles. He's our in-house entertainer. :) Then, it progressed to 3 plastic spice containers all being juggled. Pretty cool. The boys were squealing with delight. Then someone (Rob) got the *brilliant* idea of grabbing 3 raw eggs from the fridge. "They're going to break," I tell him. He was feeling adventurous. He juggled them for quite awhile. Then, SPLAT! Oh no! Uh-oh! Rob had to then clean up his mess.
Definitely a fun moment in the Crossler house!

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becky said...

That's life with THREE boys! LOL! It gets so loud here in the evenings with Dan and Sam and Campbell going at it. Sam's at the age where he is trying to challenge Dan's physical strength, but Dan is still the champ! LOL! One of these days, though, Sam just might take him. Dan is actually doing BOXING at his gym on the weekends. Yippee. NOT! He just turned 45. Do you think it's a mid-life crisis or what? LOL! Better that than other things, I guess!