Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Natural Bridge

Aidan trying to climb in with the goats.
David playing in the gravel pile at the zoo.
Natural Bridge
The elephant coming closer to where I was standing so it could say, "hi."
David feeding the *mean* goat.
Our trip to Natural Bridge Zoo and Natural Bridge last Friday (March 31) afternoon ended up being tons of fun. The boys loved the zoo--then again, they always love zoos. The animals are always intriguing to observe, and the exploration factor is a huge part of the adventure for our boys. I think that their favorite part was getting to feed the goats. A bunch of them crowded up next to the fence and stuck their heads out just waiting to be fed and petted. The *mean* goat that David is feeding in the picture would get mad when other goats were getting the food, so it would put its head back inside of the fence and would butt all of the other ones away. It was really funny to watch. There were also tiny baby goats, sheep and this awesome fluffy looking donkey in the pen. We saw an elephant too. David was disappointed that we arrived too late in the afternoon to get to ride it, but I think he enjoyed watching it walk around (before he ran off to look at the camels, zebras and monkeys).
Natural Bridge was really pretty, and we enjoyed our slow walk to the waterfall beyond the natural bridge. Wild turkeys ended up snacking along the trail on our way back to our car, so that was really fun to watch. David started talking (loudly--sometimes I think he's like his dad in the respect that they really only have one volume. :) They're either on or off!) and the turkeys spooked and skuttled off into the trees. Saw LOTS of squirrels and some pretty birds too. It always catches me off-guard when I see a cardinal because I'm not used to seeing that brilliant flash of red since they weren't native to the area where I grew up. They are so beautiful though.
All in all, the trip was great. Enjoyed the 78 degree weather. David didn't have any other mishaps until dinner (the other one that happened earlier in the day was when he was sitting on our stairs at home when Aidan thought it would be a great idea to chuck Daddy's tape measure down the stairs. Poor David got clocked just below the eye and has a nice shiner to prove it!). At dinner he thought it would be a good idea to play with his butter knife. Not a good idea. It cut him (nothing more than a paper cut type of a wound, but the blood worried him). He was semi-calm until our waiter brought him a bandaid. Then, the boy freaked out a bit. Rob ended up taking him into the bathroom to talk to him and try to get him to start calming down before our dinner got to the table. Whatever he did worked, because David did pretty well the rest of the night.
I have a funny incident that I will be posting later. Stay tuned.

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