Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let it snow!

Today was the first true snowfall of the season. So beautiful. So breathtaking. So fun! The boys, Sydney and I piled into the Tahoe and drove up to the neighborhood park (I wasn't going to walk about 4 blocks having to keep track of the 3 of them without a stroller!) and played in the snow for awhile before I had to come home to make dinner. We had so much fun--me taking pictures, throwing tennis balls for Sydney; David playing in the snow and climbing on the playground equipment; Aidan going down the slide and trying to run away from me through the snow; and Sydney running sprints around us, just excited to be in a place where she could run and be free.

The snow stopped falling sometime while I was making dinner, but it started up again when I was rocking Aidan to sleep. He noticed the falling flakes reflecting in the streetlamp outside his window and started pointing to them and chattering away. Watching his smile of awe and wonder was something to behold. I'm so glad that we were able to share that moment together tonight. Hopefully it will snow much more through the night so we can go sledding before we go to our pastors' house for Thanksgiving tomorrow afternoon.

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