Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A little time out does a body good.

Rob came home after class this afternoon and told me that I could have some time to myself--to just up and leave. Well...I couldn't just up and leave right away (I hadn't even fixed my hair and make-up yet. Was looking a bit scary since it's rainy outside and my hair was starting to resemble a frizzy brown mess), I had a few Christmas presents taking up room in my bedroom that I needed to wrap and get under the tree. Maybe if I get some things cleaned out of this clutter mess called my bedroom/office, I'll be able to find the actual gun part to my glue gun as the base that it plugs into is the only thing that I have been able to locate over the past couple of days. My room is currently like a black hole. A vacuum that eats whatever it can find and leaves me feeling crazy at my not being able to find what I'm looking for. Think it's time to go through some things. Maybe downsize. Put my paper boxes from IKEA together so I can get rid of the packing box that holds all my mailing envelopes, printer paper, etc.

Okay, okay...enough rambling about my messy room. After I finally left the house, I drove down to Christiansburg not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. The original plans I had before departing from my home had me doing my Bible study to be prepared for Thursday morning while sitting at a table in Starbuck's. Well...since I forgot to grab my book while trying to escape without Aidan trying to come with me, those plans were a bit ruined. So, I decided to go to Barnes and Noble first to see if I could find a book that I have been wanting to read again and to look over anything else there that might be of interest. Came home with Beauty : A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast and a National Geographic Kids magazine for David since he asked me yesterday if he could have a magazine to read. I read through Lisa Welchel's book, The ADVENTure of Christmas and perused through a couple of Rachel Ray Cookbooks before deciding that I really needed a dose of caffeine in my system. :) to Starbucks I went where I had a peppermint mocha (my absolute fave) and a slice of their gingerbread loaf with the cream cheese icing--to die for.

This little excursion, and the ability to get lost in my book tonight (yes, I read the WHOLE thing!) really lifted my spirits. Also, my conversations with my friend, Natascha and my mom helped this morning too--wonderful women and great conversations had with both! Looking forward to an even better day tomorrow (with improved health too--this cold is getting really old!).

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