Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Something to make you smile.

While driving down to Christiansburg today for my little "time out" I found myself stopped behind a vehicle at a stoplight bearing this phrase on a bumper sticker:

"If God isn't a HOKIE, then why do the leaves turn orange and maroon in the fall?"

Found this to be completely hilarious and definitely added a wonderful sparkle to my day. Go Hokies!!!

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becky said...

Hi Crystal! Wow! It's a small world! So good to hear from you! I can't believe you remembered I had a son named Sam! LOL! Just glanced through your blog. It's neat to see that you and Rob wasted no time in getting plugged in! It would probably take me a year to do that. I was saddened over the pain you're going through regarding your dad's wedding (my dad's been married four times, so nothing surprises me, but I know the hurt!). I was reminded of a time the Lord gave me a picture of my heart being full of the ice cold water of my pain, and how He wants to plunge His warm hand down into all that pain and just scoop it out. Don't mistake "taking your thoughts captive" with "not feeling the pain"--it's best to just take it all to the Cross. Okay, that's enough of me being in mentor mode--since you didn't ask for any advice! LOL! I love to read Ali's blog, too, as well as Donna Downey's and Cathy Zielske's (and Wil Wheaton's--LOL! He's a potty-mouth, but pretty funny for a nerd!) As you probably noticed from my link list, I keep up with quite a few blogs, mostly women I met through Scrapbook-Bytes, my digital scrapbooking home. I hope you'll stop by my blog again. I'm putting you in my links list! Take care and have a wonderful Christmas season! Give Aidan and David a little hug for me and tell Rob "hey!"