Friday, November 18, 2005

What a busy week!

Truly, it feels like when it rains, it pours as far as when busy-ness strikes on the homefront. Meetings, appointments, an awesome Mexican fiesta night with the girls (well, a couple of hubbies were there too, but for the most part it was a girls' night out). Thankfully, after I pack suitcases for our weekend trip, the business will subside.

Tonight's Mexican fiesta was a much needed escape for me. Elyn Thomas, a friend of mine that I met through my Hokie Spouses (now renamed to be the Graduate Families Network) group, and I planned tonight's event. We kind of demonstrated how to make a few different food items, talked about others, cooked, visited, drank home made margaritas...visited some more. It was awesome! My MOPS discussion group leader and her husband (and 3 boys too) came--Dan and the boys left before dinner was actually ready, but the dynamic tonight was so awesome! It was so free. So nice to be among friends. To eat great food. To make memories together.

Tomorrow after Rob's meeting on campus, we are heading for Washington DC. I have never been there before, and the last time Rob went was when he was 15 for the Boy Scout National Jamboree. All of us are very excited. David wants to go to the National Zoo and to see the dinosaur bones in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. I, of course, will take many pictures and will get some posted after we get back home Monday--probably won't have much time to post them on the road.

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